Thursday, September 28, 2017

Long Lost Life

Decades ago I fell in love for the third time. At least I think it was the third time. It depends on how I define being in love or falling, for that matter. In any case, it was the last time, at least so far. Decades can be such a long, long time in this life as we know it. And furthermore, there was a more distinct purpose to this introduction once, but time pass, a few days, and the original purpose may be gone, at least so far. A few days can be such a long, long time in this life as we know it. And repetition is not just a literary technique.

And starting sentences (or paragraphs, for that matter), with ad is not my usual style, but then, what's style got to do with it and yes, that is a reference to what's love got to do with it even if I am at a loss for the connective tissues of this thread of a thought that seems connected to love somehow. Love, or more specifically actively sharing love with the one soulmate person of y dreams, was once the most important imperative in this life as I've known it. Now, love is simply what I do alone. Beautiful feeling, still, and complete in it's own experience. And yet there is still a longing buried deep in my core.

I found my last love through the written word. It blew up, perhaps because I believed the written words and the physical reality was not as represented in the written words. I apparently gave up on that path and yet, again, I still love to write and communicate through written words so I once again stick some toes into the waters of correspondence by signing up as a member of a penpal website and in doing so, found myself writing to the last person I fell in love with and whether that is coincidence or foresight or predestined happenchance (or do I mean happenstance?), it is what it is and here it is now:

A least as we experience it, life is time. Shared time gives us the illusion that time exists more than solitary time. Mix the two, as most of us do in this life, and time seems to speed up and slow down depending on whether it is shared or solitary. I hope your time pleasures you and there are few regrets in your memories. Maybe we need another word for regrets, for there are regrets we create due to choices we make and then there are regrets that we feel because of choices others make I regret you do not stay in touch. Somehow that is an odd use of the word and yet, it makes sens on some level. It is a clean regret, as opposed to the regret I feel about leaving Toronto. I do not miss cold winters at all, so personal physical comfort does not regret leaving, while I loved the city and miss the family.

Anyway, I took a rare day off from work and while laundry spins, I sat down to pause in the cleaning I intend to continue today and here I am. I wish it felt more special, but writing into a void that only you have access to seems mostly futile and futile is anything but special, except maybe in SNL Church Lady terms (still finding myself laughing at absurdities and references, still hoping amusement overrides offense). Life is excellent on most levels, though a couple of areas (living space, intimacy, health, and positive input from others) could improve rather a lot if I was not so complacent and comfortable living as a refugee in what the middle class call squalor (laughing at the Procrastinators Unite Tomorrow T-Shirt waiting on the top of the next wash pile).

Blogging slowed dramatically in the last month or so as I worked a lot of hours (225 in one two week period) as my job is 24/7 during public emergencies and we did have that Hurricane pass through. Some areas are still flooded, debris clean up will take through November, and many here have it a whole lot worse than I do and many on islands have it much much worse than anyone in the US, but I was pointing out why the blogging paused more than wanting to discuss conditions or state of emergency orders or disaster work. This entry may be here, in large part, because I am reassessing the whole point and value of spending time writing words to no one - or to the ethers and posterity and the hope someone might someday find the words and understand and care enough to respond (leading to the possibilities of actual friends in life offline and more dreams coming true). No doubt I want to continue as the dreams are still as alive as ever. Is it odd that I stumbled into this writing space to way it? :)

I have one pen-fried left and she's been loyal and dedicated to almost instant responses (even when I disappear for years) since the turn of the century or so. Once upon a time I thought she might be you, but she does not have your writing style or penchant for long correspondence. She just appreciates every word more than anyone I've ever written to so I continue on and off all these years. This past year she has replaced Jackson as the person I babble on to and share most with in this world. The epitome of correspondence, I suppose, as we've never met in physical space and there's no hunger to on either side. Caring words are enough.

Words can't express just how important J has been throughout the years. Every time I found myself wondering if reaching out and trusting is worth it. she'd remind me of how much words can mean. Even when I stop believing in humanity, I find her words and that spark of hope that there are people who can be trusted revives.

This writing has turned into more of a catch-up introspective blog post than uniquely a message to you, but it's here and this blog continues because t is here. Life shared, however one sided, like a writer and a reader might. Is a writer a writer if there is never a reader?

I hope your time, shared and solitary, is smiling more than frowning. I hope, if you find your way into this blog, that the words are welcome. I hope you and all you love are and is well as well as you want and you are satisfied with your life and comfortable in your space and more happy than sad in your time.

honest love,

Narf? :)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Art Thou Letters?

It appears that clarity of purpose is not being sought in any earnest way for this blog as I believe letters to friends and letters to strangers and letters of introduction which once were are now, for the moment at least, all being dumped into this repository with some modicum of abandon, if not reckless. So, with little or not thought of where this belongs beyond ths paragraph that does not seem so seek a conclusion even as it comes to it's end, we present to you, for your edification and reading pleasure, this latest letter with little more explanation than this fanfare and a few minor modifications.

There are definite differences between the feel of the flow of the words at different times of the day and not just cuz it's morning or evening, but cuz it's wake up and sleepy and also the location and posture of different chairs, lighting, environment distractions, and more. But just the morning atmosphere/environment is different from the evening, like day and night sometimes - oh yeah, and then there is light and dark too lol :)

I may not have much dark for a while... I slept with the full room light on last night because I am hoping the full room light keeps the spiders away. This body reacts very poorly to spider bites and I do not want those annoyances and potential infections again.

No dark is probably not a good thing for me.

We shall see.

Back to your words now, a couple of letters behind sort of... just because I am aware of being a fool does not mean I will stop being one... I really love that :)

Yes, yes, yes - there is a difference between escaping and numbing. Escape is not necessarily reducing the experience, in fact, it can enhance the experience, while numbing is reducing the experience by reducing the sensory input and/or reducing the synaptic activity.

Such clarity, for me at least, is exciting.

I escape often, all the time in fact. I numb very rarely, if ever, though I wonder if that is accurate, conscious, or from a bigger picture that I do not see, a revelation awaiting discovery. Or a forgotten revelation awaiting re-discovery, even.

The challenge for me in this life is to continue riding my seemingly endless and irrepressible flow of positive hopeful energy while still experiencing the full load of depressive negative energy the human race exudes (emanates) almost all the time as a species and for the most part, as individuals. It is the reaction to fear. The choice to empower fear. That is what I mean.

I leave that thought incomplete, slightly disconnected, and without as much clarity as it could have at the moment deliberately to haunt and provoke because it should.

And the gloves are still on.

Hear that, humanity, the gloves are still on.

. . . . . Now, the last few paragraphs (especially from "because it should" but the challenge itself too) was inspired by thoughts you shared but is not a challenge to you - that distinction is important and I probably should make it more often.

I see you as a mind who understands me, or at least much of what I write - though I imagine there are times when you take my challenges to humanity are personalized as a challenge to you and I hope this helps you find more clarity in those moments. I think you, in your mind, reach for bigger pictures if only because you can and must - to see beyond your daily physical existence which is limited by your physical shell, your body, even more than most because of your experiences.

I imagine you can grasp more of the concepts that I present than most, more than anyone I know and am in contact with at this moment in this life, and in that sense you can see the challenges I throw out are challenges you might give to humanity as well.

I hope you understand what I mean.

The distinction between what might be viewed as harsh words, depressive words, angry words, or any sort of negative words are challenges to myself and to humanity to wise up, to wake up, to open senses and see beyond the fears and prejudices and limits of modern acceptable thought and find reason and clarity that exists and can free them from the chains of our limited minds.

I believe you venture farther along that path with me than anyone I know does.

I don't believe I reach any sort of end on this path, whether we call it enlightenment or nirvana or euphoria or complete and total awareness, consciousness, or "being." I mostly hope there is no end to this path and the expansion of understanding and learning and experiencing new experiences with bigger pictures and more acute perceptions is a never ending story - an ever expanding experience of being.

From my limited scope of knowledge and awareness and experience, I would imagine the god concept, the end of the growth of knowledge and awareness (omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence) would be a virtually stagnant and quite boring place and way to be.

When and if I ever get there, I dearly hope I am wrong (and I laugh at that thought either out of some giddy nervous fear or because I already know and awareness, even unacknowledged by consciousness in these words, is fun {shhhh, secrets, ya know? lol lam laa} and yay).

So anyway, get it? Any of it? Some of it? There's always hope (I hope) :)

Meanwhile, back to the point of escape and numbness before I bumble or stumble or grumble, even (words are just so much fun and no I don't want to rumble... I'm much too humble for that and the self-mockery concludes, for the moment, in almost endless laughter. . . )

I think escape's bad reputation comes from how some (most) escape (poisons and other destructive actions) in this world (or at least in human cultures) today and through history. Also from avoidance of responsibility many (most) choose, which sometimes comes due to escape (or vice verse and they are potential an example of mutual causality), but then, some escapes are very much fun and virtually harmless like playing with the latest Google toy when what we meant to do was search for something that would continue an activity, like writing a letter, for instance lol lam laa). Yes I had some fun with the toy, here is an article about it in case you ever want to be a DJ in the modern hip hop world of dance clubs and such.

Absolutely no to do we have to always be present and accounted for. I love to get lost. Love it even more when I get lost with someone who enjoys getting lost. Unfortunately, few people do. Those darned fears of the unknown, of being "out of control" of whatever. Sigh, I wish people would get over it already and learn to enjoy life.

I do believe escape is rich and fertile soil, in fact, escape is where creativity and invention live.

I am running out of time as softball is coming up soon and I must shower and dress and drive, so it is time to suddenly pause...

There is a butterfly somewhere out there that is smiling for you.

I asked her to. :)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What Is Love

Am I waxing poetic or making excuses? Am I philosophizing or trying to win someone over? Am I trying to find the truth or trying to be right? Tell me the truth, that is love. :)

This next writing is inspired by the 7 drivers of old habits of thinking (those are the words in bold below) that came from the website 7 drivers of old habits of thinking. The websites appears to be suggesting ways to stop negative thinking. This lead me to ponder if I have these habits (the words in italics below) and on a deeper level, whether I am a negative thinker or have a habit of negative thoughts. I'll leave the question of just what are negative thoughts for another long and winding ramble. Feel free to join me (or lead me) on that tangent another time. For now, I share a deeply satisfying smile that was inspired by what follows. A letter to the friend who sent me the 7 drivers of old habits of thinking (the words in bold below, each numbered 1-7, got it?) leading me to think whether I have any of those habits. Thank you for the inspiration. :)

I love you. I appreciate you. I really don't think you ever really got to know me. I think that's mostly because I held back because I was always afraid of scaring you away. Life is so much fun for me. People disappoint and I turn to you to understand my disappointment and sadness and I guess that is mostly what you see. Do you really think I do these things? I ask with a smile, so neither of us should be defensive :)

1. Living on “automatic pilot” (rather than with awareness and conscious choice). - From my perspective, I am too aware of almost everything and conscious of every choice I make. Every moment is a brand new moment and anything can happen. That perspective seems to scare everyone away. I used to dumb-down more than I do now and it's not satisfying beyond superficial momentary distraction from how lonely it is to have no one who really sees me and there is no one to come home to. I've always been the giver because I always had more to give and I love giving. I welcome someone who truly understands how wonderful it feels to live as I do. :)

2. Relating to experience through thought (rather than directly sensing). I feel how scared people are to share, to care, to be themselves. This is why I bloat up and get uncomfortable physically, joining in the reindeer games, so to speak - the human condition is self-destructive. That keeps most people apart and fighting - I finally gave in and joined the human party about fifteen years ago, maybe twenty. It hurts less feeling less.

3. Dwelling on and in the past and future (rather than being fully in the present moment). Do you really think I do this? I live more in the moment than anyone I know - but when there is nothing to do but rest (cuz a body needs rest) I babble (write) because my mind keeps wanting to play so I play with words when the body is tired.

4. Trying to avoid, escape, or get rid of unpleasant experience (rather than approach it with interest). If anything I stay in an unpleasant experience trying to make it better long after people tell me to give up and move on (I face myself and everything in words, hoping someone will come along and find the words - or just want to talk. Until someone does, I write, I work, I play ball (three nights a week and weekends), I go to dinner with friends, I play cards and games, I've been to six meetups in July, I'm exhausted lol.

5. Needing things to be different from how they are (rather than allowing them to be just as they already are). The only thing I really want different is to find someone who relates to me as I am. Everything else is my choice. I wish people would not be so disappointing, but I don't need that to be happy - the world does though (and I wonder if you understand why I laugh at that multi-layered thought) :)

6. Seeing thoughts as true and real (rather than as mental events that may or may not correspond to reality). Everything is relative and an illusion in the mind. We believe what we want to believe and choose to make it real by sharing it with someone else who chooses to believe the same thing, but it's just a mental construct that can change with a blink of an eye. It is so much deeper and multi-faceted than words can begin to express and so I laugh as I dream the impossible dream of putting it into words. Did you know one of my dreams was to write the song that saves the world? :)

7. Treating yourself harshly and unkindly (rather than taking care of yourself with kindness and compassion). Honest love is the kindest, gentlest, truest love there can be because it is the most real unconditional love - without limits or pretenses. It may seem harsh or even cruel to anyone who does not get it, but they is only because they are afraid to see the conscious awareness and acceptance of reality it brings.

I welcome a different perspective. I welcome someone who cares to analyze me and life and everything. I love it when someone presents a thought I did not think of before or even more, I love it when someone cares enough to take the time to prove me wrong. That has not happened in a very long time because no one comes close enough to really touch the reality I see and feel and experience. That's lonely, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying every moment of this life (even subdued as I am).

Listen to Dan Fogelberg's Part of the Plan one day. It is one of my core songs. When I say core songs, I mean words that come close to expressing my perspective or even who I am. The Who's I'm Free is another. Some are collected here: Heart, Mind, Song John Denver's Seasons Of The Heart (and some others by him) contains some core songs. Harry Chapin has many, Everybody's Lonely is one. It has been so long since I found anyone into the music I am into - so long since I found someone who wants to explore music or the things that matter to me most. Don McLean's Vincent can be so related to my experience in this life in some deep ways. On a slightly lighter and less intense note, this site is a collection of videos I put together that I call The Video Me. Someday I hope someone wants to listen and watch and appreciate me for it.

Longing for a soulmate is part of who I am. Melissa Etheridge's Melissa Etheridge pounds home some truths for me. Reality so sharp it cuts away the BS most of us call life. I live for love, it is what I do. I give everything I am, that is what makes me happier than anything else. When I have no partner, I adopt people and give and care and share and you experienced that - unconditional love and trusting a heart's good intentions. That is real, you know better than most that it is what I do. So maybe you look at the surface whining and complaining and sadness I put into words to you and forget the wonder of the child inside me who thrills at the chance to give to someone else and take care of someone else. Until someone comes along who does something similar for me, it is the best I can do to be who I am.

So sometimes I lament
for someone to love me
the way I love and give
And sometimes I am sad
when I face how alone
I am in this life
I survive on my own

And I am happy to be me
There's no way else I'd rather be
how many can say that and
make it reality?

I love the way I am
I live life fearlessly
and someone someone will understand
and fall in love with me

So sometimes people say
I should not live this way
I should protect myself more
I should lock my door
but that's not what I'm here for
I am here to share
it is the best feeling I know
to give and show I care

And I am happy to be me
There's no way else I'd rather be
how many can say that and
make it reality?

I love the way I am
I live life fearlessly
and someday someone will understand
and fall in love with me

It is a simple song. I am a simple man. Someday when love conquers fear, we all will understand,

I have nothing to prove. I have nothing to lose. Giving everything for love is just the way I choose.

That's what makes me happy. That's how I want to be. Someday we all will understand and live in love like me.

La la la la :)

I watch everyone rushing through their lives missing so many opportunities to be kind and generous and experience the gift of giving, sharing, caring - doing it. I hear everyone say it in passing, the acceptable words how are you? and wanting nothing more than I'm fine because, after all, who has time to really listen to someone's story anymore?. The sincerity behind have a nice day is often so shallow, words with no thought behind them other than see ya or more honestly, Hi, Bye, Don't have time for more... it's not that I don't care, I just don't have time to actually do it.

That is the reality most people avoid. Caring is a verb, it is something to do, not just something to say. Doing it makes it real. Yet how many people actually do it anymore? Perhaps one on one or in very small circles, relationships and families, but even there I see so much superficiality and pretense. The words are just so much easier than the actions.

I understand. People are struggling to pay bills, to keep their head above the water. Trusting is scary. Sharing is scary. I think most people have forgotten how to do it in reality. Caring is scary. I know it's how I live, it's who I am. But love feels better than fear. Love is realer. Fear is what might happen. I can't control what might happen. I can control what I do, so I love. Love is what can happen. Love is what does happen when I love.

Someday it will not push someone away and that someone will be the one I've been hoping to find this entire life. Until then, I love every minute of the experience from the empty depths of loneliness to the limitless heights of imagination, from the agony of insensitivity, betrayal, and cruelty to the magical bliss of kindness and generosity and caring sharing. It is no accident that Billy Joel's Honesty is the longest running first and last song on my life's playlist.

It is the song I sing to the world. It is the song I sing to every person. It is the song I sing to the one I hope to find someday, soulmate. Elton John's The One and Believe In Love are close to the center of my core, of who I really am. But Honesty... is all I really need... from anyone.

Honesty is love.

It takes unconditional love and trust to be completely honest. And isn't that phrase, completely honest, the sad truth - that we are not always completely honest. Seems like an oxymoron, I mean, how can honesty be less than honest?

Yet isn't that the way of the world. From the things we do not say in relationships to pandering of Madison Avenue to the politicians and leaders of countries, honesty is so seldom heard. We tell ourselves it's kinder not to say the whole truth. And the lies spiral out and corrupt our lives until we don't know what is real anymore. That's why most relationships do not last. Honestly.

So am I negative, or am I simply facing reality and not avoiding truth? It is a matter of perspective, a choice to believe what we want to believe - a mental construct - an illusion. We may choose to have different opinions of me, but who is to say what is true?

We believe what we want to believe. I choose to believe in you, in your heart. I see your beautiful intentions. I feel your pain, I feel your fear, I feel your confusion, I feel your intention to love. That is you.

So who am I? Do you feel safe? Do you feel the honest love, the unconditional caring? Do you feel something else?

I know, finding the words can be a challenge. It is a commitment to find the words to express thoughts and feelings. It is a commitment to self, to express self. What if it is not right? What if it does not please? What if it upsets someone? It is easier to let someone else speak and nod our heads. That is what most people do. Accepting that reality, I can still reach for more - for what is missed, the personal, the meaning, the commitment, the truth that is who one is. It's just a feeling, but it is everything. Within the philosophical ramblings may be wisdom, but it is easier to be a fool (I am happy being both). :)

I hope you keep sending me the good advice and therapeutic thoughts. :)

I appreciate your inspiration - may all these words mean something to you - they definitely mean a lot to me because they express much of who I am.

Sweet dreams,


So did we learn something about me (or anything) after all that? :)

My experience in this life may seem sad to you, I mean, I know few people who know the experience of no family in this world where people take family for granted and assume everybody has some, but I do not know any other experience so it is only sad to me when others tell me it's sad. It is all I know and I am happy being me enjoying experiencing each moment with my senses (I suppose few people know that experience, unless they are infants lol lam, if only I could meet another independent infant like me, aye? lol lam).

Expressing my experience, sad as it may be to you, helps me accept reality and acceptance leads t clarity and clarity leads to euphoria and who doesn't want some euphoria, right? :)

Someday you all will understand :)

Narf :)

Saturday, July 15, 2017



Oh my, how dramatical of me. Note the odd adverbal emphasis of the adjective objective coalescing into a sentence that would make some people's skin crawl, as if that metaphoric simile is even possible. I may have even mislabeled some of the literary turns of phrases in this mockery of language and self, but that is the fun of writing, always trying something new to get a point across... even if no one really understands it beyond the voices in my head.

I leave that for posterity (and you), to ponder.

I woke feeling shitty and after drinking 20 ounces of water and about the same of gatorade and leaving a really large poo soft in the poo repository (fecal material in soft-serve ice cream texture rising above the water line, if you really must know - as some do or we all poo, after all - and just think how my own body blog has been neglected even more than this body I loosely call mine has, really mucking it up now, aren't we? {speaking for the voices in my head, which get a rare second reference within the same writing session as if they really exist outside of a contextual form... only my inner hair dresser knows for sure, ya know?) and a cleansing shower and a cooling down, I feel much better now.

It is time to make the softball, however, so this writing mood must wait (with the same hope, naturally.

Cuz there is always hope (I hope) :)

Lest we forget.

So don't forget, m'ok? )

honest love,
me :)

Everything's better with hope :)

Sensing a Divergence

This belongs in letters to the night, however live journal shut that down, so it is here for now. If I return I may find or create another blog for this, but time is not available until later (hoping there is a later, of course, for who can predict the future). I will not even read for typos, just as is for now.

It was written to...

Ok, disorganized thoughts reflected in disorganized and intermittent writing likely stemming from a relatively disorganized and disconnected life at the moment.

Anyway, I woke with a muscle cramp in my upper right calf this morning. Anxiety? Stress? Fatigue? Medication Side effects? Dehydration? Electrolyte imbalance? Overheating? Another disease? The soft air mhattress that has me sleeping with my lower body slightly more elevated than my upper body and head? Cronic Kidney Disease? Congestive Heart Failure? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Multiple Sclerosis? Muscular Dystrophy? Simply Aging? Lack of exercise? Weight gain? Overeating Taco Bell and Bar food? Something in the supplements I consume? (Chromium, Vitamin B/C Complex, Multivitamin, Cinnamon, Apple Cider Vinegar, ?). Something else? A combination of these and possibly other factors?

I am not hypocondriacted, just an inquiring mind.

Some years ago I felt similar symptoms and attributed them to the side effects of the medication and I stopped the medication for a while, ignored my elevated blood pressure, and the cramping and heat exhaustion symptoms went away (as did the dry cough and fatigue), but was it that simple?

In any case, I prepare to head out to play a double header in the heat again. 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm games on the oven-baked fields with no shade or cooling factors. Some might call me foolish (or a lot worse), but I've done it for years (whole day tournaments and whole week tournaments in this sort of heat as well just over the last two summers and I did notice aging but I did fine and felt great).

Today is a test.

I hope to return here and not end up in the hospital again.

Or worse.

I hope these are not my last words.

At least there is still hope :)

There's always hope (I hope) :)

honest love,
me :)

Friday, June 23, 2017

Deeper Perspectives

This may belong in another blog as it is crossing into autobiographical babbling which is usually put elsewhere, like here or through music and song video or the one or wherever, but here we are again because this comes from a letter to family. Actually, it was her response to the letter in previous entry. She said...

She uses memes and quotes to communicate. That inspired...

My perspective is based on evidence. I've got a ton of evidence. I'd love someone to show me that people can be trusted, but I have a lifetime of evidence to the contrary and nobody shows me otherwise so that leaves me with this logic. It's ok. I understood aloneness as a very young child when I never had anyone I could trust or really depend on, from birth... and I spent six decades giving my all to find what I want. Someone to share unconditional trust. I did not give up, but I am not giving the way I used to because I am no longer at an age where I can accept homelessness as an option.

I remain open to receiving different evidence - it is my fondest wish, to love and be loved, to share unconditional trust, and remaining open to it is my deepest smile... security... confidence... and it keeps me happy open to anything :)

I don't know if any people trust unconditionally after early childhood.

I have my whole life.

I am not even sure anyone understands the concept, the experience, or the ramifications of doing it. If I was not working I might explore some courses on human behavior related to trust and relationships. Maybe someone taking that study seriously could converse about it. :)

It has so long time since someone genuinely wanted to know who I am, I have forgotten me in many ways. I've always been a chameleon because as I see life, we each choose who we want to be, what we want to want, how we go about living, and what we do. Few people stay conscious of that during the rush through daily life and most fall into habits, patterns of behaviors that eventually define their personality and who they are.

I've been in a semi-negative pattern for many years, maybe since I was dumped on the street by someone I unconditionally trusted in Toronto and found the same outcome in Orlando.

Maybe I've been waiting for someone to see me within the negative patterns and want me to come out again, but given no one has, maybe I will just do it myself again.

Self-analysis may be a waste of time if not put into practice :)

Ah, we come to that reality. It is kind of pointless (and even a little impossible, but I dream the impossible dream, remember?) to do it by one's self. That is why people are so compelled to find friends, partners, mates. When I am in my center, I see it so clearly I may appear too intellectual, logical, or even clinical for most people.

It has been a long time since someone simply wanted me around.

Luckily I learned to amuse myself and still do it better than anyone I've ever known :)

Words are one way I amuse myself. Writing. It's not always begging for attention or self-analysis or complaining or whining or philosophizing. I would love your opinion of this (that is what it became... this is where it began)... it was a time {and perspective} when I had much more hope for the world and much more visceral pain in my heart and I sought to keep hope alive by writing as I have always done... it's pretty mushy cuz it's kind of dedicated to love, true love) lol.

I've put hundreds of thousands of words online. Many different sides of my personality that seldom show in the physical world because no one is interested in who I am.

I hope you are focused on your goals. I will be here to help you in any way I can whenever I can. My goal with you is to help you be happy and secure and confident in every way. You can do it! :)

Trust me :)

So, do you wanna know me? :)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

How Did This Get Forgotten?

Well, it wasn't completely forgotten, just as Ri and many others friends and lovers have not been completely forgotten, but somehow a lot of time passed without an entry here.

Who noticed?

I am wide awake in so many ways, but still very much sleeping on some levels even though the ancient babbler recently did that babbling thing we used to love so well.

I have changed a lot over the years and I am finally coming to terms with it. I think the biggest change is I no longer see the cup of people (as in hope for humanity) as half full. I see it as a drain of our own creation as a species and we are rapidly (in epoch years) swirling down it. Mostly by our own hands. Maybe the new Star Trek series will rekindle some hope. Or something.

Anyway, this blog is about letters, arts, whatever it is we might call writing to others. Sometimes the words are an introductory letter to a complete stranger. Sometimes the words are a revealing bit of babble to a closest friend. I don't reach out as much as I used to (see previous paragraph) so there has not bee much to put here. Maybe. I have been babbling to a couple of the closest people in the world to me and look at the volume of letters and words and wonder why I don't put some here or even start a whole new book (blog, now) the way I used to. Perhaps this letter I came to share might explain.

She shared this page and I read it. Then, self-reflection happened and this is what came out:

I'm good on all except social. I can do better on physical, but in serious reality - how many people my age play softball as much as I do and keep a full time job of 50 hours a week and has all his own teeth and has only been the a doctors a few times in ten or more years and only for a check up or simple medicine I'd have bought over the counter if the medical industry was not so greedy? I can do better though, for sure. I'm gonna be under 200 pounds before I house-animal sit for you, I just decided, so there.

You see my venting so much more than the rest of me that even as close as we've been, sharing living space for many years, I don't really think you know me well. I appreciate you caring enough to be an outlet for my venting frustrations. :)

I know most people don't like me when they get close these days. I don't want to play the social games anymore. I don't want to help people as much as I used to. That's the me you've mostly known (maybe you see deeper and that's why you stay close). I am very different than I was twenty or more years ago. I don't have the hope for humanity and desire to help everyone I had back then.

So I don't hide my honesty, it shows in my face. I am alone because I push people away silently by reflecting in my expressions the dishonesty and insecurity they show me.

I don't think about doing it, I just do it.

You are a ray of sunshine in this world. Even though you think you have so many weaknesses and faults, you have a gift few people have. Partly because you are afraid to displease anyone, but also because you genuinely want to make this world a better place and help people who want help and you believe we can still change enough people to make it happen. That makes you a beautiful person even when you don't see it. That's why I chose to adopt you. That may feel like a burden on you sometimes, so I stay mostly out of your life.

Other people I know are so very negative and I limit my interactions with them, but that part of me that still cares keeps them around because they need me. I don't meet any positive people anymore because I am tired of everyone needing a lot more emotional help than I do.

So Social, that's were I am relatively empty. Even though I play cards with more than a dozen people every Saturday now and could be playing cards and games with a half dozen other people twice a week if I didn't live so far from them and I am still asked to play softball by four teams and asked to hang out after games eating at bars even though I am the only one who doesn't drink... and I still have lunch and dinner with a friend or few every weekend and could do it more often if I had the money. I have more social life than most people, but no close social connections that feed me. I am always the nurturer and helper.

Hey, you sent the link, I read the page, this is what you get lol :)

Someday my princess will come. :)

I make my own bed, I know that.

I mostly like my life and I still love me. The missing things in life are my choice and mostly physical (other than people who understand me and the one and that's because I don't want to do he work that pays enough to have those things. Maybe I'll buy a house in the ghetto and cut my expenses dramatically. Or more likely somewhere far from people where houses are about as cheap. :)

Thanks for keeping in touch. More than anything else (for you) I want you to be happy and successful in your relationships and your life. I will do anything I can to help whenever I can.

You remind me of who I used to be, especially your heart. :)

Call, text, write, visit, whatever you want whenever it feels right. Be silent and let time pass whenever that feels right. Whatever makes you happy - that's what I want most for and from you.

Thanks for the thinking material you've sent recently. I hope you've benefited from it too. I am playing that game you sent. I made it to frog last night and I downloaded the good words too. :)

And as you see, I read the page you sent. Good stuff inspires self-reflection and lots of babble. You know that by now lol. Thanks for continuing to take the risk lol :)

Take care of you. :)

Maybe not (explain, that is) lol.

Anyway, there you have a recent expose to one of the people who I care about most in this world. An adopted sister, an adopted child, adopted family. Just in case you wanted to know more about who I am inside (why else would you come to this blog, aye?).

There are more sides to an open mind and can be cut into the biggest diamond.

And the mind and all it contains is free.

Maybe you understand.

Thanks for reading.

Narf :)